Briggs en route; Catch Gerald on Democracy Now

[Posted by Michael Swigert from Africa Action’s office in Washington]

Unfortunately, the restrictions of international airline tickets purchased weeks ago pull Briggs away from Zimbabwe just at this critical post-election moment, before any official announcement has been made by the government on the results of the presidential vote. I guarantee you he’s more frustrated about that than anyone!

We look forward to continuing this dialogue over the coming days, and encourage you to continue to post comments. I’ll make sure Briggs has the chance to review your feedback and respond to your questions (as well as post plenty of photos) as soon as he’s surrounded by broadband connectivity in our office. Just as the act of voting on Saturday represents only one important stage in the democratic process, the government announcement of a declared winner can really only be a starting point for the next phase of democratic development in Zimbabwe, regardless of who is named.

In the meantime, you can catch Gerald LeMelle, Africa Action’s Executive Director, on Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman, this Wednesday morning (April 2) from 8:00 – 8:30 EST. You can listen to the broadcast on your local Pacifica affiliate, or online here. They’ll be discussing this very topic – the Zim elections – and Gerald is sure to incorporate a lot of the observations Briggs has provided us from his trip into the conversation.

Africa Action’s Gerald LeMell



2 Responses to “Briggs en route; Catch Gerald on Democracy Now”

  1. Om Says:

    Michael, do you think Gerald can bring up the topic I wrote about in my blog on Democracy Now! I know Ms. Goodman is very at exposing media bias/b.s. on her program. It’s time for the BBC to be exposed for who they really are in their relentless propaganda campaign against Zimbabwe since 2000. Unless we, the African bloggers/media, start to voice our concerns of the BBC’s Zimbabwe misinformation campaign, they will continue to propagate and spread the British government’s policies towards the people of Zimbabwe, and as such continue to be their mouthpiece.

    Please spread the word in anyway you can! Btw, you made an excellent point in your comments about the IMF/World Bank “Structural Adjustment” b.s. that really is a tool to keep developing countries always stay poor and dependent on foreign hand-outs.

  2. OptomoSoype Says:

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