Today’s state run ‘Sunday Mail’ led with a headline that claims that Zimbabwe is gripped with anxiety as people await the results of yesterday’s election. The reality on the streets however is that there is jubilation – ‘the people’ have already declared themselves winners, if the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission issues a different verdict it will be seen as a clear case of political daylight robbery. Unofficial tallies coming in from across the country show the opposition Movement for Democratic Change led by Tsvangirai in a clean lead over Zanu PF and Simba Makoni. Confirmed reports are that Zanu PF’s heavy weights were trounced by the MDC, these include, Joyce Mujuru (Mugabe’s Vice President), Elliot Manyika (ZANU PF’s political commissar and Minister without portfolio), and Patrick Chinamasa (Minister of Justice). The election has turned out to be a slaughter house for the Arthur Mutambara formation of the MDC who lost everything and won only one Senate seat (David Coltart) in Bulawayo – which was supposed to be their stronghold. It is the reported MDC victories in traditional Zanu PF strongholds that has become a cause for celebration for the long suffering Zimbabwe in anticipation of CHANGE! The MDC is holding a series of press conferences and the party officials officials have said despite the seriously flawed electoral environment, they are certain of victory.

A major concern that is on everyone’s mind is whether Mugabe and his regime will gracefully accept defeat and hand over power to Morgan Tsvangirai. Considering what ZANU PF henchman stand to lose if the regime is ousted it is not clear what the regime will do. Most of the regime’s people have dirty hands, have outrightly stolen wealth, some have gross human rights cases hanging over their heads. My thinking is that Zanu PF is in no opposition to carry out coup and or war threats as has been variously claimed by regime functionaries. The regime is broke; the junior ranking officers in the army and police force are demoralised and suffering like everyone else – Zanu is just in no shape to fight a war now and they know that it’s a losing option. The threat were just supposed to intimidate and instill fear in the electorate. From my travels in the rural areas of Matebeland – this strategy worked with some people but significant numbers of villagers, previously intimidated by such tactics were firmly resolved to vote the opposition! Unlike the previously election where the Zimbabwe Electoral commission announced results live on TV as they came in, this time around ZEC is not clear on what they want to do! The announcement of results is shrouded in secret creating a potentially chaotic environment.

As I head now to listen to the SADC delegation’s briefing, there is still a blackout on official results. however, unofficial tallies show the MDC as having won about 60% of the vote. If this is confirmed there will be no need for a run off as had been widely predicted by many commentators!

Whilst the quietness that marked voting yesterday still prevails today, I shudder to think what will happen if people are denied what is clearly a victory for the forces of democracy!

More updates on results as they come in…

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  1. tariro tororiro Says:

    Your quote that, however, unofficial tallies show the MDC as having won about 60% of the vote is misleading and irresponsible given the volatile nature of this election environment. The 60% only reflected tallies from the MDC stronghold Harare as reported by Briles of the BBC. Zimbabwe want a clear winner but can not afford this type of irresponsible juornalism. We can wait a day for the results.

  2. John Trimble Says:

    What would a MDC victory really mean? A move to right! a cozy relationship with Britain, a rebuilding of relations with IMF and World bank, paying compensations to former British farmers, a canceling of efforts toward 51% Zimbabwe ownership of firms, mines and factories in Zimbabwe and most certainly a move away from anything close to socialism.
    The youth and student movement that you helped build were to the left of ZANU-PF, now we find you championing a movement that will satisfy the former colonial powers and take Zimbabwe backwards. Have you abandoned socialism?

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